10 Shows Totally Worth Binge Watching On Netflix

Sometimes you just want to sit down, unwind and get lost in something. Maybe you’ve had a bad week and you want to drown out your stress with a drink and a good show (who are we to judge, we do it too) from start to finish. Well here are the best shows we’ve found on Netflix to binge watch over the weekends.


Before there was a Daredevil there was only a boy, a small boy that lost his vision to toxic waste, and his father to the mob. The new superhero show that has people everywhere raving is one of the best shows you could binge watch on Netflix right now. The new dark and modern look with an even darker feel gives this show an edge over the current superhero series trend of brightness and ‘good will always conquer.’ If you haven’t checked out the new standard in superhero quality, you can start and finish it in a week.


If the theme song isn’t engraved in your head by the time you finish this series, you weren’t even paying attention to begin with. This iconic show was one of the first to show what it was like living and growing up in the 90’s as a somewhat young adult (in a parallel universe where there’s no black people in NYC). If you’re looking for something more on the light side with some humor and minor drama you’ll thoroughly enjoy watching through this fantastic series. Plus, who doesn’t want to sit and reminisce about how things used to be every once in a while (you just don’t see that coffee shop camaraderie anymore)?


This incredibly uplifting show follows a trio of medical residents and their mentors throughout their lives of being doctors and nurses. If you enjoy laughing at a bit of stupid-humor and hidden witticisms, Scrubs will leave you pleasantly surprised. The show had a running of nine years before it was over for good, many say it was over after only eight – but you can decide that for yourself. The point is; each episode is filled with humor as well as the touch of drama it needs to entertain almost anyone.


For those looking for the more serious and substantive route of medical drama House is right up your alley. The story follows a drugged up genius of a doctor who just so happens to be an expert at solving the mysterious cases other doctors would shy away from. While the legitimacy of the medical cases can be put to question at times, it’s still a highly entertaining drama for those looking to waste away on the couch for a couple weeks.

Breaking Bad

What is there to say about the mad chemist and his broken down partner? Breaking Bad is one of the best shows to binge through on Netflix today, with the finale being one of the best endings to any television show in history there should be no question as to why. In the show it follows husband, father, teacher, and drug maker Walter White, who discovers he has cancer. In order to keep his family afloat were his situation to take a turn for the worse; he decides to cook up some of the most pure crystal meth to ever hit the streets. If you have yet to check out this AMC drama, you’re missing out. Take a few weeks and watch it all the way through the end, and you tell me if Felina wasn’t the greatest thing you’ve ever seen.


If you’re looking for a cartoon comedy to sit and watch mindlessly while you attempt to do something else, Archer is your best bet. The story follows badass superspy Sterling Archer who… well he’s a giant asshole, but that’s what makes him great. Along with the rest of the ISIS team (no, not the terrorist group) they defend America by land and by sea – and outer space one time. This is one of the best cartoon comedies on Netflix to date and is updated as the new seasons roll in; overall, it’s a great weekend show.

House of Cards

House of Cards will always and forever hold a special place in my heart as one of the greatest things to happen to online television in a long time. The quality of both the story and the look of the show itself really set it apart from others of its kind, and it doesn’t help that Kevin Spacey was made specifically for this role. Basically the show follows the career of House Majority Whip Francis Underwood, from where he stands up through as far as his ambitions take him. If you have a week straight to burn you need to check out this show, and I say a week straight because you’re not going to want to turn it off once you start.

Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black is Netflix’s attempt at a comedy drama featuring a cast almost entirely of women, and it’s incredible. From the very first episode it starts you off laughing and pulling you in to the drama of the inmate’s lives and their quirks. So far only two seasons have been released but the third is in the works and people everywhere just cannot wait. Following along with Piper and the rest of the prison crew will keep you entertained through a good few weeks, so check them out!

How I Met Your Mother

If you want something to keep you entertained for a month straight, you need to turn your attention to this hilarious comedy. The show follows a group of friends who all live close in New York, where their lives fold out right in front of your eyes. HIMYM is the 2000’s response to Friends some would say, but really it doesn’t matter because both shows are worth watching. Nine seasons of events unfold as Ted tells his grandchildren the story, of how he met their mother.

Sons of Anarchy

There was a time in television when gritty wasn’t too common for television shows, sure there were daytime dramas but they didn’t have the same feel. Then Sons of Anarchy premiered and things changed, we had our golden show. Over seven seasons of drama to keep anyone entertained for a few good weeks at least and a good story with it as well, you can’t really ask for more from a show. Millions of people can’t be wrong, why not check it out for yourself?

Honorable mentions:

Arrested Development


Trailer Park Boys

Friday Night Lights

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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