Burn A Bay Leaf At Home And See What Happens In Just 10 Minutes

Relaxing is incredibly important for our health. Unfortunately most people think of relaxing as watching TV or getting online. Real relaxation is when you become totally unplugged. Even a few moments of being alone, taking an unplugged break, and relaxing can do wonders for your health and well being.

Apparently there is research out there saying that both men and women are less happy compared to the past 40 years! How can this be? With all of our gadgets and instant this and that, you think life would be so much easier and thus happier, right? Well maybe those things are the problem. Ultimately they take away from simplicity, and it’s likely that as humans, we are wired for simplicity as opposed to being wired to act like cyborgs with all of our digital activity.

So back to those few moments to self. Simply sitting back and doing nothing is the key. No spa required, no massage appointment or yoga classes. To really dial in the sitting back, do nothing experience, there is a major tool you can use. The bay leaf! This strengthens the relaxation experience and puts you in the zone.

This herb is native to the Mediterranean and in only 5 minutes it can lead to a very relaxing state.

Gennady Malakhov was a Russian scientist who first found out how stress-relieving the Bay leaf is. Fresh or dried, you may have used it for cooking. The smell is very distinctive. But it’s the medicinal use for several skin and respiratory conditions, as well as tension relief, that most people are not aware of. Here’s how to get these relaxation benefits.


First, burn a dry bay leaf in an ashtray. Then leave the room for 10 minutes. When you return, you’ll notice the atmosphere of the room has changed. The positive, relaxing effects will be present in the air. Now, just sit back in a chair or couch, and simply relax by taking deep breaths. The aroma should be calming to your body and your soul!

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