They took an old, beat up van and turned it into the coolest camper ever

There’s a DIY out there for everyone, but if you’re one of those people that just can’t get enough of road trips and traveling then we’ve got an incredible one for you!

One Redditor and his friend decided they wanted to be able to travel where they wanted, when they wanted and they didn’t want to be uncomfortable when doing so. They also didn’t want to spend a fortune on last-minute hotel stays either, but they had an idea in mind…

They found a 10-year-old camper for a reasonable price instead of going the full-blown RV route and decided to fix it up and turn it into their new on-wheels home! They didn’t install a shower or anything crazy like that, but there’s a fold out bed along with a few other nifty surprises I don’t want to spoil.


What would you think your life would be like were you to live it on the road?

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