As this dog noticed that the baby wasn’t breathing anymore, he resorted to extraordinary measures.

Thankfully this dog was present, or else this tragedy would have ended up a fatality. Here’s a truly mind blowing story involving an amazing dog named Duke.

Jenna Brousseau is here with her 9-week-old daughter named Harper. The night before was the type of close call that, as a parent, you never, ever, want to experience. Unfortunately Jenna had to experience this, but fortunately the outcome was not as tragic as it could have been.

Thankfully Duke was present and is truly the ultimate family dog as without him, things would have ended badly.


The dog was actually once a shelter dog who the Brousseau family adopted 6 years ago. He’s always been a loyal dog, but on this particular night he became something truly special.

Something bad was happening. Harper, the baby, asleep in her crib, began breathing irregularly. Duke, the dog, was sleeping on the floor nearby. Duke actually picked up on the irregular breathing pattern, and then noticed when the breathing seemed to suddenly cease.

Duke frantically stormed into the parents room. He jumped onto the bed trying to wake them up. Trying to tell them something was not right with the baby.


He then quickly tried to lead them into the baby’s room. Harper was now turning blue from asphyxiation. The parents saw this and quickly called an ambulance.

Harper ended up making it! But without Duke the dog, it’s pretty clear she would not have been so fortunate.

Talk about being saved from shelter life and possible death, to now paying it forward and saving the baby in the household!

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