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This woman let an egg fall out of her hand and hit the street. But what happened next, I didn't see coming!

This woman let an egg fall out of her hand and hit the street. But what happened next, I didn’t see coming!

We all have that one thing (or a whole slew of things) that we would like to keep from breaking; the sad truth of the world is that it’s expensive to even be alive, so the few items we do have to help alleviate our growing concerns and stresses that seem to continually pile up are fairly important to us.

Now what if you never had to worry about any of your items breaking again? Well one company has set out to answer that question with their new product Line-X, which is generally being used on truck beds and other vehicle parts, but it’s also been used to help block explosives for the Pentagon. This lining has the ability to make just about anything nigh indestructible, and they decided to really put it to the test with a bunch of different common household items!

All you need to do is spray on a coating of the Line-X and it can even protect a red solo cup from being crushed under the weight of a fully grown adult – they even decided to test it out on a melon and an egg, just to see if it works as well as they claim. Surprisingly… it does!


If they ever manage to make a clear coating variation of this spray and it turns out to be safe for household use, can you imagine how much money you could save not having to repair or repurchase those easily breakable items? Probably thousands!

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