Witness The Most EXTREME Heavy Duty Equipment Accidents! Not Recommended For The Faint-Hearted!

The general rule with humanity is that if something CAN be screwed up, you can be certain someone, somewhere has done it or is doing just that.

It’s why we don’t get to keep nice things nice and why there has to be blatantly obvious warning labels on a wide variety of products. It’s also for that reason that operating heavy machinery comes with such a learning curve, because it only takes an instant for everything you know to go completely awry. The video you’re about to watch is a shining example of why not every Tom, Don and Sally could get behind the wheel without some type of class to figure out all the mechanics of it.

The video you’re about to watch isn’t something for the faint of heart, as each incident is something you’d never want to experience as a driver behind the wheel of literal tons of metal. Especially when you know the type of accidental damage these massive vehicles can do to anything and everything around them, and just how quickly they can manage it! Not to mention the damage they can do to themselves…

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