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Girl Cancels Netflix Account After Third Pregnancy In 4 Years

Girl Cancels Netflix Account After Third Pregnancy In 4 Years

“Netflix and chill” has been taken to a level so extreme that it has forced an Irish woman to permanently cancel her Netflix account. The last straw came when she got news that once again, she was pregnant for the third time in only four years.

She’s 28, and a full-time mom thanks to Netflix, she claims.

Melissa Matthews blames the popular streaming service for her string of pregnancies, and here’s what she had to say about it:

“I’m so sick of being pregnant, fat and ugly. Netflix is an awful pain in the hole when it comes to getting yourself up the duff. It’s basically just sex on the couch isn’t it? I honestly think they put crappy shows on it because they know you’ll be riding long before one episode of it is over. I bet the whole thing is probably run by Pampers.”

Pregnant Girls Cancels Netflix Account

It’s an interesting conspiracy theory and clearly Melissa didn’t learn after the first time, or the second:


“I was only just getting over my last pregnancy and getting back to a point where I was feeling confident enough about my body to ask random guys over for Netflix and chill again. And now the doctors are telling me that I’m pregnant again. My fanny’s going to look like a bowl of spaghetti by the time I squeeze the little cunt out.”

Apparently Melissa had stated that this time around she hopes for a “black baby” which indicates she is unsure of the actual father.

Here Melissa speaks on the tough decision she had to recently make:

“I had no choice but to get rid of the Netflix, I don’t want to be one of them aul ones with ten poxy children. The children’s allowance money would be nice but there’s no way I can risk getting preggers again after this one so it’s gone. The only bad thing is I’m going to need to find somewhere to watch the latest Orange is the New Black.”

Indeed it turns out that statistically speaking, the number of unplanned children that have been born, has actually quadrupled ever since Netflix surfaced, and the whole “Netflix and chill” phenomena quickly followed. Good luck to Melissa on her third pregnancy, and figuring out a way to watch her favorite series without Netflix!

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