Guy Records the Moment Before 110mph Crash on Freeway

Whenever a person does or says something terrible to someone else or they’re acting like a complete idiot for all to see, one of the first thoughts people have is along the lines of, karma will get you.

It’s easy to see how big of a mistake someone else is making when you’re looking in from outside, but they might not. They might not see the amount of danger their actions have put other people in and an outsider may not be able to do or say anything about it, which is probably one of the reasons karma became a thing in the first place. We want to see them suffer the consequences because we understand that without them the problem will only persist, they’ll take nothing away from it.

So when two young men were speeding down the freeway going 110MPH the rest of the drivers just kept out of the way. To the driver’s credit he wasn’t swerving or anything like that, he appears to be perfectly sober as well, but there’s a reason speed limits were put into place. As the vehicle continued to race down the road the young men came to a section of standstill traffic, but they were going way too fast to safely slow down in time! Luckily the driver managed to swerve enough to avoid a collision with the vehicle in front of him, but in exchange for that he ran head-first into the median. Judging from the pained groaning in the video the men are alive, if not a bit banged up.

After an accident like that I doubt either one of them would be eager to get back on the road at those speeds. Maybe next time they’ll just take it to a track instead, like normal people.

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