Oblivious girl walks across ski jump, nearly gets her head kicked off

If you’ve ever been to a ski resort to test it out or to watch a competition of some sort then you’ll know there’s certain rules you and everyone should follow to ensure everyone has a safe time, so someone needs to tell that to this girl!

For some reason she decided it would be a great idea to cross over a ski jump on foot as a crowd of spectators all keep back behind the designated lines, which wouldn’t really be such a huge issue if a skier wasn’t just seconds away from hitting the jump!

It looks as though she’s got her mind on something other than the competition as she attempts to pass through, something that quite possibly could have cost her her life. Luckily the skier managed to miss her by mere inches at the last moment, shocking her back into a sense of reality and back to safety. For those of you that don’t know about skis or skiing the skiers aren’t going slow and those skis could very easily cause some serious damage – they could even cut you!


Pay attention to your surroundings or you could end up like a pancake in the snow, or losing a beloved body part – something no one wants to happen.

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