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Horse Saves Woman From Abusive Past And Addiction

Horse Saves Woman From Abusive Past And Addiction

She had almost given up on life. Then she met Shag-Ra. He was an Arabian stallion and both of their troubled paths led them to meet, while love solidified their togetherness.

Phyllis was in an abusive household from early on. After divorce, losing kids, and life on the streets, filled with alcohol abuse all along the way, Phyllis had been through the ringer, even eventually ending up in prison. When she got out, she wanted something or someone else to focus on. With the 300 dollars she earned in prison, she bought a horse. He was a mess when Phyllis got him. Here’s what she said about the initial encounter:

“I walked in the barn and there was this skinny, little horse with the biggest, saddest brown eyes I’ve ever seen in my life.”

She had a farm in Canada and she took the horse, named Shag-Ra, there. Indeed it was there that the healing would begin to take place, for both of them. The horse’s humorous personality finally was able to shine. Check out this wonderful video where Phyllis tells us all about her clever and unique horse, Shag-Ra!


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