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This TIMBERJACK robot looks like something out of a sci-fi flick.

This TIMBERJACK robot looks like something out of a sci-fi flick.

Have you ever watched any science fiction films where giant robots are doing most – if not all – of the manual labor work for us, but they look positively evil?

That’s exactly what this Timberjack Walking Machine looks like, but it’s capabilities are completely unmatched by any other machine. This monster can traverse just about any terrain and can not only chop down the trees, but will clean off the branches and leaves as well as cutting each log into different sections for easier transport.

The logging business isn’t known for their absolute dedication to the safety of their workers, and it’s considered a fairly dangerous job to keep. The likelihood of losing fingers or limbs is much higher than that of most other workplaces, so something like this is actually a very good thing. Naturally it may not feel that way at first because as more of these roll out with whatever different variants they have more loggers will lose out on jobs, though machines will be replacing many, many jobs outside of just in the logging business.


Regardless of how you feel about it taking work you can obviously tell how useful these walkers are, and just how bada** they look! Hopefully we just won’t have to worry about Skynet…

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