United States Marine Sits Behind Two Police Officers At Local Restaurant

He was trained as a Marine to do whatever is necessary to keep his country safe. He is United States Marine Corps Lance Corporal Joseph Cadena.

On this particular day in Fort Worth, Texas, Cadena noticed a couple of police officers grabbing a bite to eat during their shift. Joseph didn’t think twice, as he knew what to do. He proceeded to share what happened on social media and it ended getting a lot of people’s attention, praising Cadena for his service and his actions towards fellow heroes.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Tonight I ate dinner behind two Fort Worth police officers, but let me tell you why it was important.

Friday night, [which was] four days ago, two of their brothers were shot and hospitalized. Then two months ago, five officers from the next-largest department, a county over (Dallas PD) were assassinated.

Tonight I sat behind these officers on purpose, I positioned myself between them and the door. I sat and ate my dinner, while they laughed and joked and enjoyed their time with each other (I felt the need to include that because some forget that police officers are normal people just like you and me).

I sat there silently after I finished my meal, and continued to watch both exits, while they ate, I did not leave until after they left.”


“Silently watching their 6. I was unarmed, however in the event that anyone would try to take their life, I would have been more than ready to sacrifice my own, for theirs.

Sounds crazy, right? Why would you die for people you don’t even know?

Have you ever stopped and thought about the fact… that is what police officers are doing every single day?

I am a United States Marine. I know what brotherhood is.

Even though these men are not Marines, they know what it is like to serve their country, their community, and the ones they love… and for that they are my brothers. I will stand watch over them, they way they stand watch over me.

Enjoy your dinner, Blue. Green has your 6.”

Lance Corporal Cadena saw that he had an opportunity to to be present and protect his community peace officers in the unlikely chance that something would happen. He was ready to take action in the event that something would go down. Every day they are out there dealing with potential situations which could turn violent very quickly. Here they were taking a break and Cadena sat watch over them so they could enjoy their meal and if anything were to go down, however unlikely, he would have their back!

Here’s more on Cadena’s post which has since gone viral.


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